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    VPOS meets the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requeriments, accrediting strict compliance with current regulations on security set by the eCommerce industry for processing, handling and transferring credit and debit cardholder data.

    Thus, VPOS guarantees complete security while transferring data, both personal and regarding economic transactions. The information is sent encrypted to the server, preventing interception and theft.

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    IPSP : Internet Payment Service Provider

    IPSP stands for Internet Payment Service Provider. An IPSP is a company that reaches an agreement with a bank and has the due approval from the financial entity to process and conduct online transactions on behalf of traders.

    VPOS is an IPSP. This means that we are accredited to process online transactions and operate in many countries and via numerous financial entities. This is the added value of our company and our product.

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    Antifraud system

    Any business that accepts (virtual) payment cards may be affected by their fraudulent use.

    Geosecure is an online tool: our goal is to provide tools and information so for your own system to make better decisions. It reduces chargebacks by assessing the rules that define the risk of a transaction for further investigation.

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    Digicert Trusted Secure

    VPOS uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secure communication protocol in all its Internet communications and data transfers.