Virtual POS

Online payment gateway

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    VPOS is the ideal solution for online shops that need to manage safely, quickly and easily charges via major debit and credit cards in the market.

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    Safety first

    VPOS provides totally secure solutions ranging from data capture cardholder, authentication, transaction authorization, until settlement.

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    Confidence in success

    Present in several countries and processing transactions in different currencies, VPOS guarantees the success of eCommerce online payments and the increase of your sales conversion rate.


Take control of your business.

With your client admin panel you can quickly and easily manage all your online payment transactions.

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What services do we offer?

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    A service designed for eCommerces that wish to offer their clients a credit or debit card payment system. VPOS is fully integrated in the eCommerce website with minimum impact.

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    Designed for customer service centres, VPOS is the perfect tool to create, edit and manage telesales users, their permissions and restrictions.

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    Ideal service for businesses that manage their orders by telephone, fax or post; allowing them to process payments through our manual payment virtual POS.


Our main advantages

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    VPOS meets the strictest security standards and complies with the highest international standards set by the eCommerce industry for processing, handling and transferring confidential data and information.

    In order to achieve this, VPOS uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol and the 3D Secure authentication protocol.

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    Authorization and authentication of purchases is made in real time: the payment is accepted in a few seconds and the customer can check the online purchase price once the transaction has been accepted.

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    VPOS is a multicurrency and multilingual platform, it accepts most credit cards, integrates with all financial entities and adapts to any activity or sector. It can also manage different payment conditions (plans and instalments).

    It is also designed to work with many channels and devices: PDA, Web, IVR, wireless mobile technology, etc.

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    Functionality and efficiency

    With VPOS, purchases can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world with Internet connection.

    VPOS also provides the eCommerce with powerful administration and management tools to check the status of the transactions made on a day-to-day basis.

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    Easy to use and integrate

    VPOS is easily configured and customised, with no need for lengthy paperwork or trading agreements with each of the means of payment. Neither does it require costly equipment, additional programmes or advanced technical knowledge for set-up and management.

    Nevertheless, a comprehensive online technical support service is available to VPOS clients.